Sunday, 24 April 2016

Write Positive and Negative test cases for login page

This is one of frequent question asked by interviewer. In order to answer this question, you need to understand the difference between what a positive test case and a negative test case is.

  •       A positive test case confirms some expected functionality. E.g.: A user with a valid username and the corresponding password can log in successfully.
  •      A negative test case tests for unexpected or invalid conditions, and confirms that the code can hold up in these circumstances. 
·         Positive Test Case
               1.       Verify the Correct username, Correct password - Login Successfully.
·         Negative Test Cases
                            1.       Verify the Incorrect username, incorrect password- Can't Login
                            2.       Verify valid username and empty password. -Can't Login
                            3.       Verify empty username and valid password. - Can't Login
                            4.       Verify some password(can be a registered/unregistered)- Can't Login
                            5.       Verify case changed username /password.- Can't Login
                            6.       Verify registered user's login id and password -Can't Login
                            7.       Verify registered username and password.- Can't Login
                            8.       Verify to enter disable(Blocked) email address.- Can't Login
                    9.     Verify to unverified Email address. - Can't Login