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Free Selenium WebDriver Training Online

Selenium Live Training: - This training will make you job ready to take up any assignment in test automation and equips you with essential Selenium skills. It will give you the much needed framework creation experience using Selenium, Java, TestNG, Log4J, Jenkins, Maven via implementation of real life industry projects.

Check the below link for more details on Selenium Training Syllabus:- Selenium Training Syllabus

Check the below link for to join Selenium Online Training Class : - Selenium WebDriver Training

Highlights of our Course Offering

Anytime & Anywhere Access
You can attend our Selenium training sessions from any part of the world. You don't have to leave your home and commute to learning centers.  All you need to have is a PC with good internet connection and audio/sound system. You can attend training session as per your convenient time.

Q&A Forum
We run our own dedicated Question and Answer FORUM and try to answer every question. The Buddha Tree student’s questions will always answered on priority.

Latest Frameworks

We provide training on creating test automation framework using Selenium, Grid, Java, TestNG, log4j, Apache POI, Apache Maven etc.


Code Sharing

Students will be provided working code & automation exercises at the end of every session.

We Cover Everything

·         300 page theoretical concept which describes each concept of with syntax & example
·         4000 line of working example
·         30 hours of Video tutorial
·         Interview Questions & Answers


Contact Us

To Students -
As of now Inaugural Offer is going on, get enrolment of trial course in free. Drop a text to

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